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nicnac - Interviewed by pixxelated [14 Dec 2004|10:47pm]

Please give a short bio so we know who you are...

I’m 32, live in a small village in Buckinghamshire and run my own import/wholesale business. I have a cat named Morticia aka Feline of Doom and a Tortoise named Pasty because he came from Cornwall. I recently bought a 17th century cottage that needs complete renovation, so I spend most of my time up to my armpits in plaster dust. When I’m not doing that, I party with my mates and read LJ!

Why did you choose the username cornaidd?

I tried my usual screen names, but they were all taken already, so I reverted to cornaidd because it is a nickname bestowed upon me by an ex boyfriend. You’ll have to find a Welsh – English dictionary to work out what it means…

Why do you choose to keep a journal online?

Partially because it’s a really good way of keeping in touch with friends I don’t get to see very often, and also because I prefer typing to writing.

What were your best and worst experiences when travelling around the world?

The best were probably the amazing beautifully sights, such as Milford Sound, NZ, or Rano Kau, Easter Island, and also being able to immerse myself in a totally foreign culture. The worst mostly involved local fauna, e.g. walking up with ants up my nose in Fiji, knocking a jumping spider down my cleavage in Malaysia, and getting sea lice inside my bathers.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

I’d like to belong to a big, happy, Waltons style family instead of a dysfunctional nightmare where half the members don’t speak to the other half :(

You started your own importation business with no real experience of being self employed. What encouraged you to take this course of action and what tips would you pass on to someone else in a similar situation?

I guess the thing that encouraged me was really that nobody said “You can’t do that.” Most people were very supportive. I guess the advice I would give is to pay attention to the small details, because they are usually the most important, and make use of your local Business Link facilities and knowledge.

After reading about your encounter with the value pack, my final question has to be: If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be and why?

I’d be a crunch cream, because I may look tough on the outside, but I have a very soft centre ;) Yuck – that is such a “Blind Date” answer!
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Delay [08 Dec 2004|08:20pm]

After a slight *ahem* delay the interviews have commenced! Although there will be another short break over the Christmas period. Full service will be returned to you in 2005!
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droojit - Interviewed by pixxelated [25 Nov 2004|12:10am]

Please give a short bio so we know who you are...

Ok I'm a 19 year old student at the university of manchester studying french and german. I like rock music and thatre, and I also like cinema. I play squash and I do fencing - I captained the school team of the latter for over 5 years (not like anyone remembered). My favourite cocktail is called 'purple haze' and my favourite food is lasagne. When I leave university I intend on becoming a teacher.

Why did you choose the username droojit?

A long time ago there was a website called 'adopt an alien'. It was a kind of game - you adopted your alien, trained it up - battled it, bought it things etc. While thinking of a name I just came up with 'Oojit'. A couple of months into the game I decided to make him a doctor and so DrOojit was born. This then became one of my web names - and I just started using it a lot more recently. I t has now become my main webname.

Why do you choose to keep a journal online?

Someone once said 'what is the point of a discreet diary? one might as well have a discreet soul' and I liked that. what's the point of writing a diary to tell the world of my existence if no one will ever read it? It's also kind my way of reminding the world that I'm here.

Who is Kaptain Kamikaze and how did you create him?

Ahh. Kaptain Kamikaze - I should have seen this one coming. Kaptain Kamikaze was my first ever online gaming name. However after this - I began developing the story of him. Who was he and what did he do? After creating a world where Kaptain Kamikaze is a superhero the whole world began to construct itself.He had a sidekick, an arch nemesis, henchmen to beat, allies etc. I then decided to write about him. Why not? I had the entire world already. So I created a world where 'superhero' was nothing unusual - it was a proffession. So there became a ministry of superheroes, etc etc.

What I wanted to show was what happens to a superhero when they're nothing special. KK was a low level superhero. Building on this idea , I based all the characters on people I know. After completing the first story, it was ready to be filmed. When that plan fell through (someone convinced everyone to drop out - and I know who she is) it kinda dropped away. Now, all the stories are done, but before I let anyone really know about them they're undergoing a major overhaul - name changes etc.

Maybe one day people will read about him. Maybe not. Truth is, he's mine.

What do you consider your ultimate achievement?

Looking back, I can't really see any achievements, let alone any greatest ones. I've not scaled any mountains or swum any seas. I reckon it's have to be playing Mr Wells in the 6th form pantomime. I don't think I've ever made a positive difference to as many people's lives as I did that day. People laughing and having a good time and I was the reason. Nothing special I know - but I liked it all the same.

In a movie based on your life who would play you and why?

I'd play the narrator - I'd hate to go through that crap again. No - I guess
I'd play me. I've got the experience and I reckon I could play the part. Why would
somebody want to make me a movie? I can think of a few good scenes - most
of my conversations - the one-on-ones at least would make great cinematic

Our favourite droojit quote:

"I woke up this morning and though to myself - 'I really want to be random. really random. I know i'll text the word lawnmower to someone'. So i picked up my phone and started texting (the first one comprised of the words lawnmower, marmalade, lumberjack and kebab in that order). After that one, I decided to send more. and more. And then I thought - why not do this more often? And so 'Random text day' was born! So on every 8th day of the month it will be random text day! enjoy the randomness!"
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