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Interview - The Person Behind the Journal

The Person Behind the Journal
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interviewlj is a community designed to get behind the day to day bloggings of regular journal-ers and find out what's really going on in their heads. We read your LJ, send you a list of questions relevant to you and quote what we think are the best bits in the interview posted here. Simple eh?

Q) Who are you strange people?
A) The interview journal is maintained by pixxelated and innocent_eyes and a small dedicated group of LJ addicts.

Q) What's the point of this thing?
To find out more about the person behind the writing. Simple as that.

Q) So how do I get an interview then?
A) Email us at the address above to let us know that you're interested. We do ask that you have about 20 entries in your LJ already, so we can get a feel for who you really are and to make it easier for us to ask you questions!

Q) Can I get involved?
A) Sure you can! As this is a new community we could do with all the help we can get, just email us and we'll get back to you.